Friday, August 22, 2014

CDA Fall 2014 Brochure released today~!!

Hi Everyone,

Our Fall 2014 public enrollment is starting up tonight on Aug. 23 (at midnight)~!!

To enroll, please visit our online store at:

For the latest enrollment status update, visit our status page at:

We have an exciting line up of great classes and workshops coming up. Space is limited so sign up soon and hope we will see you this Fall :)

Kevin Chen
Concept Design Academy

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fall 2014 Enrollment Status (updated 9/10/14 10:30PM)

Head & Figure Drawing with Kevin Chen - 5 spots left
Intro to Figure Painting with Gary Cornell 
Intro to Form Language with Peter Han - 1 spot left
Intro to Vehicle Design with John Frye 
Landscape Painting with James Martin - 1 spot left
Modo for Concept Design with Vaughan Ling 
Zbrush Character Creation with Ian Joyner - 4 spots left

Color Key Design for Production with Mike Hernandez - accepting portfolios
Vis. Dev. for Animation with Roy Santua - accepting portfolios

Story Illustration with Chris Appelhans 
Environment & Lighting with Khang Le

Analytical Figure Drawing (Sun) with Kevin Chen - Full
Animal Anatomy with Jonathan Kuo - Full
Cinematic Storyboard with Jay Oliva - Full
Composition & Cinematography with Bill Perkins - Full
Digital Illustration with Ryan Lang - Full 
Costume & Creature Design with Jerad Marantz - Full
Environment Design with James Paick - Full
Figure Invention for Animation with Normand Lemay - Full
Intro to Character Design with Rustam Hasanov - Full
Intro to Digital Painting with J. Scheier & S. Abesamis - Full
Intro to Environment Design with Brian Yam - Full
Intro to Perspective with Polina Hristova - Full
Intro to Story Development with Louie Del Carmen  - Full
Sketching for Environment with Ed Li - Full  
Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching (Sat) with P. Ballesteros - Full
Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching (Sun) with Peter Han - Full

Story Dev for Animation with Tron Mai - Full

(*** For all Full classes or workshops, there is a waiting list available. Sign up if you wish to be notified when there are any last minute openings from cancellations. Thanks. ***)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"ZBrush for Concept Design" with Ben Mauro this Friday & Saturday~!!!

Hi Everyone,

Ben Mauro's "Zbrush for Concept Design" 2 day workshop is coming up this Friday and Saturday~!!

In this workshop, Ben will be covering his workflow and design techniques for both hard surface robotic designs and environments through the use of Zbrush & Photoshop.

If you like Ben's concepts from "Elysium" & "The Hobbit", make sure to sign up and check out some of the behind the scene artworks as he shares his design development process from past projects.

Spaces are limited, so sign up soon~!!!

For more of Ben's artworks, check out his website at:

Hope to see you this weekend :)

*** Update - Here are some sneak peak of the reference images and design premise that is going to be used for the demo this Friday:

Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Gehenna" Kickstarter~!!

A fan of horror films? Come check out Hiroshi Katagiri's new film project, "Gehenna"~!!
Hiroshi is a great horror storyteller and a very experienced special effect artist. The practical effects in this film will be done by Spectral Motion, the studio responsible for "Hellboy 1 & 2".

This is really a labor of love and let's help make this movie happen. Thanks for your time~!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Costume Design & Illustration" book pre-order at Amazon~!!

Last year, several of CDA instructors was invited to be a part of a Design Studio Press book featuring character designers and costume illustrators currently working in the game and film industry.

The book features many artists including Carlo Arellano, Anthony Francisco, Kevin Chen, Jerad Marantz, Constantine Sekeris, Paul Christopher, Phillip Boutte JR., Keith Christensen, Nevile Page, Scott Robertson, Gloria Shin, Christian Cordella, and Alan Villanueva.

Now, the book is scheduled to be released on July 15th and available for pre-order at

If you like character design, make sure to check it out :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Last Call for Summer Enrollment ~!!

Last call for enrollment for the Summer term~!!

We added one more "Environment Design" class with James Paick on Thursday night, starting on June 12th along with many great classes

- Environment Design with James Paick (Thursday) 
- Environment Design with Bruno Werneck
- Intro to Story Development with Louie del Carmen 
- Costume & Creature Design with Jerad Marantz 
- Intro to Animation with James Lopez
etc. etc....

Make sure to check them out and sign up soon before the semester starts this weekend.

To sign up, visit our enrollment website at:

Thanks for your time~!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

"Intro to Entertainment Design" with Peter Han project announced~!!

This is the last week to sign up for "Intro to Entertainment Design" with Peter Han~!!

Peter have just revealed his project topic as students will be designing both characters and vehicles for an apocalyptic world setting. Students will be designing using drawing, digital painting and kit bashing techniques to achieve the final results.

First day of class is coming up on June 1st. Sign up soon and see you in class~!!