Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Archetypes & Story Structure" with Ryan Meinerding~!!

(*** Update - The workshop have just been sold out again. If anyone is still interested, you can purchase a waiting list ticket and we will contact you as soon as any new openings becomes available:

Thanks for your time~!! ***)

We just got 1 last minute cancellation opening for Ryan Meinerding's "Archetypes & Story Structure" workshop on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2pm~7pm.

Ryan is the Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios and he will be sharing with us his approach in interpreting characters visually to help create memorable, iconic characters to tell the story.

If you are interested in character design for film and games, make sure to check it out as this event is one not to be missed~!!

Concept Design Academy

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Design & Painting for Animated Films" with Robert Kondo - starting on Oct. 24th~!!

Hi Everyone,

We only 1 1/2 week away from Robert Kondo's "Design & Painting for Animated Films" workshop on Oct. 24th.

(*** Update - Full ***)

If you are a fan of Dam Keeper, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, & Ratatouille, this is a great event not to be missed.

Hope to see you there~!!

Kevin Chen​
Concept Design Academy

Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Intro to Environment Design" with Tom Zhao - Sold out~!!

Come learn how to design props & sets with Tom Zhao this Fall~!!

This class covers the important basic skills and information that an entry environment designer is expected to know when apply for a job position. Topics such as production pipeline, prop & set design, designing layout for game play/storytelling, modular design, prop call out page, and digital painting for lighting and color cues for storytelling/game play will be covered in the many in class lectures and demo.

There is only 1 spot remaining, so make sure to sign up soon~

*** Update - the class have just been sold out and is starting to collect waiting list. To purchase waiting list tickets, please visit link here:

Concept Design Academy

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Animal Anatomy" with Jonathan Kuo - 2 spots left~!!

"Animal Anatomy" with Jonathan Kuo - Last 2 spots~!!…/4714771-animal-anat…
This is a great class for character and creature designers alike who wants to increase their design vocabulary and study how the master designer, "Nature" designs forms for movement.

In this class, Jonathan will go over how to break down and draw and animals in simple forms, understand their proportions/weight, and dive deeper to understand their structure types (bone and muscle variations designed for different movements and functions).

Spaces are limited, sign up soon~!!

Concept Design Academy

Monday, September 21, 2015

Enrollment Reminder - Only 1 week away from Fall term~!!

Hi Everyone,

Here is a quick reminder update on the current classes that are still available at CDA this Fall.

We are only a week away from the start of the Fall semester. So sign up soon and join us for a semester of learning and portfolio building :)

To enroll, visit our online store at:

Thanks for your time~!!

Concept Design Academy

"Sculptural Anatomy" with Bryan Lee - 4 spot left~!!

"Sculptural Anatomy" with Bryan Lee - 4 spots left~!!

For illustrators, character designers, sculptors or painters who wants to gain a better understanding of the structure and planes of the human figure, this is the class designed for you.

In this class, Bryan will be going over the structure and anatomy of the figure by starting from the bones and out to the muscles.

You will learn the planer design concept of the human skeleton and understand the basic muscle groups and how they function to move & balance the human body.

To learn, the students will be sculpting the figure in class along with Bryan's weekly lectures and feedback.

Sign up soon and come sculpt/draw with us this Fall~!!

Concept Design Academy


"Intro to Figure Painting" with Gary Cornell~!!

"Intro to Figure Painting" with Gary Cornell

This is a great class for anyone interested in making the transition from B&W drawing into color figure/character painting.

Topics such as value, lighting, shape design, color relationship/ palette organization will be covered in the many in class demos.

Sign up soon and join us for a semester of learning to improve your painting skills~!!

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