Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"3 Days Composition Workshop" with Marshal Vandruff on June 2, 3, & 4~!!!

Hi Everyone,

Marshall Vandruff is returning this Summer to teach his "3 Day Composition Workshop" at CDA~!!!


This is a yearly workshop not to be missed as Marshall is one of the best at teaching the craft and design language of visual storytelling.

It is one of the most foundation workshop we offer at CDA. Because of this, we have pushed our Summer semester to start after this event to allow all of our students to attend without schedule conflicts with their regular classes.

Sign up soon and hope to see you at the event~!!

Concept Design Academy

Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Human & Mechs" with Carlo Arellano~!!!

Carlo Arellano is back this Summer to teach his "Human & Mechs" class at CDA~!!


This is a great class for character and prop designers to learn how to design characters with iconic tools and technology they created that reflects their culture and needs.

Carlo is a very experienced designer in both game and film industry. Sign up soon and join us for the Summer to build your design portfolio together~!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

CDA Summer 2017 Brochure Released~!!

Hi Everyone,

Our Summer 2017 brochure have been released and public enrollment started today on May 2nd~!!

To enroll, please visit our online store at:

For the latest enrollment status update, visit our status page at:

We have an exciting line up of great classes and workshops coming up. Space is limited, sign up soon and hope we will see you in the coming Summer term~!!

Kevin Chen
Concept Design Academy

Summer 2017 Enrollment Status (Updated 5/28/17 8:30AM)


Animal Anatomy with Brynn Metheney - 4 spots left
Architecture for World Building with Gabriel Yeganyan - 6 spots left
Character & Costume Design with Joshua James Shaw - 8 spots left
Environment Design for Games with Tu Bui - 3 spots left
Figure Drawing with the Reilly Method with Mark Westermoe - 5 spots left
Human and Mechs with Carlo Arellano - 8 spots left
Intro to Digital Painting with Bryan Lee & David Merritt - 5 spots left
Intro to Form Language with John Frye - 9 spots left
Landscape Painting with Shae Shatz - 8 spots left
ZBrush Character Creation with Xander Smith

3 Days Composition Workshop
with Marshall Vandruff 
Cinematic Set Design with Samuel Michlap 
Archetypes & Story Structure with Ryan Meinerding

Analytical Figure Drawing (Sun) with Kevin Chen - Full
Analytical Figure Drawing (Wed) with Kevin Chen - Full 
Cinematic Storyboard 1 with Jay Oliva - Full
Cinematic Storyboard 2 with Ben Juwono - Full
Color and Lighting with Dan Cooper & Christina Cooper - Full 
Composition & Cinematography with Bill Perkins  - Full
Costumed Gesture Drawing with Kirk Shinmoto - Full 
Gouache Color Study with Peter Chan - Full
Head & Hands Drawing with Kevin Chen - Full
Intro to Character Design with Kevin Chen - Full 
Intro to Perspective with Polina Hristova - Full
Intro to Storyboard with Alan Wan - Full 
Key Frame Illustration with Alex Mandradjiev - Full
Sketching for Environment with James Finch - Full
Story Development for Animation with Tron Mai - Full 
Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching (morning) with P. Ballesteros - Full
Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching (afternoon) with P. Ballesteros - Full

Cinematic Storyboard with Ben Juwono - Full
Vis. Dev. for Animation with Assaf Horowitz - Full

(*** For all Full classes or workshops, there is a waiting list available. Sign up if you wish to be notified when there are any last minute openings from cancellations. Thanks. ***)