Friday, April 24, 2009

Summer 2009 Schedule coming soon~!!

Hi Everyone,

I just got back in town last night and wanted to let you know our new Summer 09 schedule is coming very soon.

The first day of Summer term will start on Friday, June 5th, 2009.

Enrollment will officially start on May 1st
, or as soon as you receive our schedule through e-mail (for mailing list students). To be added on our mailing list, you can simply send your request e-mail to

Here is a sneak peek on our upcoming workshops next term:

Robert Kondo
- Set Art Director from Pixar Animation (Ratatouille) - June 27th
Moby Francke - Art Director from Valve (Team Fortress 2) - July 11
Bryan Wynia - Character Artist from Naughty Dog (Drake's Fortune 2) - Aug 1 & 8
Nathan Fowkes - Visual Development Artist from Dreamworks (Prince of Egypt) - Aug 22

Laguna Special Fall Workshop - coming up on Sept 26th & 27th. Stay tuned~!!

Here are a couple of new and returning instructors:

Carlo Arellano
- Entertainment Projects (Sunday 2~5PM)
Darren Quach - Vehicle & Mechs (Saturday 7:30 ~10:30PM)
James Hegedus*** - Production Illustration for Film (Thursday 7:30~10:30PM)

(*** James Hegedus have worked on numerous film productions such as Forest Gump, Terminator 4, Shrek, Monster House, Rocketeer, Rain Man, Mars Attack and many more)

Thanks for your time and have a great weekend~!!
Kevin Chen


Julius said...

i got an email bounce when i tried to email... says your quota is full.

CDA said...

Just tested the school e-mail and it is working fine now. Are you Julius Tarng? If you are, your e-mail have been received. Thanks!!

Julius said...

yeah, thanks. excited for the schedule to come out