Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Digital Maquette Workshop this Sat~!!

Date - Aug 1 & 8
Time - 2~7 PM
Price - $230

Just in case you would be interested...

Bryan Wynia will be doing a Digital Maquette workshop the next 2 Saturdays after Jerad's class. This is a great workshop for those of you interested in getting into film or game character/creature design (Z-brush is a great tool adopted by many studio's work flow today).

To reserve a spot, just give Estelle an e-mail at contact@conceptdesignacad.com to enroll.

This is a rare 3D workshop we offer at CDA, so take advantage of it since it is at a fragment of the cost compare to many other 3D modeling classes in LA.

It is also geared specifically to help concept designers to impliment zbrush into their design pipeline.

Hope to see you there :)

(*** Update - Here is the WIP version of Bryan's Demo from the workshop.)

Almost finish version:

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