Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free James Gurney Workshop on Oct. 1~!!

AI Inland is hosting a Free workshop event with Jame Gurney, creator of the Dinotopia books.

Date - Oct. 1st
Time - 12PM
RSVP - 909-951-2100

I have attended his talk at Art Center and got a lot out of it. James is a great teacher and a very inspiring artist. Don't miss out on this great opportunity~!!


Sherwin Abesamis said...

Just FYI to all planning to attend: I believe the telephone number is incorrect on the flier. It should be (909) 915-2100 instead.

See you guys there. :)

Matthew Scheuerman said...

What the heck. I am just hearing about this now? Ugh. Too late.

Terrie said...

We just had James Gurney as a guest at work, and let me tell you. I took 10 pages front to back full of useful information out of the seminar. He touches basis on a lot of art foundation, and is great for a refresher type seminar. His process alone, is something to attend for! :)