Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gouache Landscape Painting with Erik Tiemens on April 17 & 18~!!

Erik Tiemens is coming to CDA for a 2 days landscape painting workshop on April 17th & 18th.

For more samples of Erik's artworks, you can visit his website at:

The workshop is available in 1 or 2 days options:

1 day (17th, $120) with an indoor slide lecture and demo. - Locked
- or -
2 days (17th & 18th, $280) with outdoor landscape painting on the 18th. - Full

This is a great workshop for anyone interested in improving their understanding of natural color, lighting and composition.

To sign up, just e-mail us at contact@conceptdesignacad.com to reserve your spot.

Thanks again for your time and have a great week :)


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Alex Jaeger said...

cool, wish I cold make it, Erik is pretty amazing to watch, I went to Japan with him and watched him paint a few settings, pretty amazing.

thanks for sharing