Saturday, May 1, 2010

New teacher announcement - Leighton Hickman~!!

We have a new teacher for the new Summer semester: Leighton Hickman.

Leighton is a Visual Development artist currently working at Dreamworks Animation. He is joining us this term to sub-in for Jackson Sze's "Gouache Landscape Painting" class.

Leighton will be working in oils for this course, but he is open for more experienced painters to bring in their medium of choice. If you are a beginning painter, he will assign you an oil material list for the term.

The class will be focused on the understanding of natural lighting, color, and designing in broad forms rather than details. At the end of the term, the class will be using their favorite outdoor study as an inspiration for their final project (incorporate what you have learned into your work).

Catch this opportunity soon and have fun painting this summer :)

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