Monday, September 6, 2010

"Animal Anatomy" with Joe Weatherly~!!

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Joe Weatherly, the author of "The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals" is coming to join us at CDA for a 10 week course on "Animal Anatomy".

This course is designed for the beginning and intermediate artists, who wish to get into the character/creature design field. To be a good character/creature designer, a solid understanding of various anatomy types are crucial tools used everyday on the job.

In this class, you will study various animals for how they have evolved in different movements and functions. This class will cover the major mammal and bird groups by studying their skeleton and muscle structures comparatively.

Sign up soon as the spaces are limited and hope to see you in class :)

Kevin Chen

Here are a few more drawing samples from Joe.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very awesome demos and class samples.

CDA said...

No problem, thanks for visiting :)