Friday, January 20, 2012

"Adv. Entertainment Project" with Andy Chung~!! (with student art samples)

(*** Just uploaded a ton of new artworks. Make sure to scroll down to see all the new stuff. Enjoy~!! ***)

Andy Chung and Darren Quach is teaming up this term for a special project class combining their many years of design experiences.

Bellow are some of the in class demos Andy did last term and samples of the student works.

(For samples of Darren's work, you can find them here. Check it out~)

Portfolio submission is still open. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity as Darren and Andy do not teach every term~

Intermediate artists are welcome to come try it out. :)

Andy's Vehicle Demo:

Andy's Interior Demo:

Bellow are some of the student work from Andy's Fall 2011 class. Assignment "Project Freedom":

Aaron Lam

Amanda Li

Angela Sung

Claudio Carbone

Mark Taihei

Mio Del Rosario

Peter Lee

Rob Sevilla

Zen Wang

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hasan raza said...

awesome work you guys going good!