Sunday, September 20, 2015

"Environment Design" with Brian Yam~!!

Interested in creating worlds and environments for game play and storytelling?

Make sure to check out the "Environment Design" class with Brian Yam at CDA this coming Fall semester.

Brian is a Senior Environment Concept Artist for various studios such as "Insomniac Games", "Naughty Dog", "Image Movers Film", "Imagi Animation", and "Amazon Games". His past projects includes "Ratchet and Clank series", "Uncharted series", & "Star Citizen".

In this class, Brian will share with the students the process of designing an interactive environments/props as an interior set and exterior vistas that helps establish the overall mood of the environment. Great class for anyone interested in preparing their portfolio for their game environment design portfolio.

To sign up, please visit our online store at:

Concept Design Academy

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