Saturday, September 30, 2017

"Architecture for World Building" with Gabriel Yeganyan~!!

Gabriel Yeganyan is is returning this Fall to teach his "Architecture for World Building" class at CDA~!!

This important design class teaches the students the foundations of architecture structure, function and visual design themes to reflect the storytelling of the culture/people who created them.

Three key periods of architecture history are covered and broken down during the many in class lectures and demos:

- Ancient Civilization (such as Egyptian, Mesopotamian, etc.)
- Asian Wood Architecture (such as Japan, China, Thai, etc.)
- Medieval Gothic (from various areas in Europe)

Students will learn the "anatomy" underneath the building's surface and learn how to use it to help them create believable and rich new worlds from their imagination.

This is a class not to be missed by anyone interested in improving on their environment design.

Space is limited, sign up soon~!

First day of class start on Wednesday, Oct. 11th :)

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