Thursday, February 4, 2021

"Key Frame Illustration" with Vincenzo Barkasy~!!!


Hi Everyone,

How are you? As we are about to start on the new semester, I want to take the time to introduce one of our new classes for the upcoming Spring term:

"KEY FRAME ILLUSTRATION" with Vincenzo Barkasy

- Click here to visit our enrollment store to enroll -

This is a great painting class designed for students who wish to learn how to compose and paint cinematic illustrations to capture the important moments in the story.

Topics such as studying film cinematography, creating composition thumbnails, using narrative color and lighting, integrating 3D into your illustration pipeline, and how to finish an illustration will be covered in the weekly lectures and HW assignments.

Attached bellow is the class syllabus showcasing Vincenzo's weekly lecture plans for your reference. Make sure to check it out :)

Sign up soon and come level up your paintings with us this Spring~!!

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