Friday, May 8, 2020

Summer 2020 Enrollment Status (Updated 5/8/20 3:30AM)

- Coming soon

- Coming soon

(*** For all Full classes or workshops, there is a waiting list available. Sign up if you wish to be notified when there are any last minute openings from cancellations. Thanks. ***)

Friday, March 13, 2020

CDA Spring 2020 Schedule and Class Format Change Announcement

Hi Everyone,

Due to the recent development with COVID-19, most CDA classes will be off for one week from Saturday, March 14th ~ Friday, March 20th until further notice via email.

The only classes that will still be in session during this time frame are:

- "Costume Figure Painting for Illustration" (Sat)
- "Sketching for Environment" (Sat)
- "Story & Character Development" (Mon)

After the one week break, the classes will resume in online form until the situation changes.

The Sunday night "Uninstructed Figure Drawing Workshop" will be closed as well until further notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change in schedule and format may have caused.

We believe this is the right thing to do for our community to do our part to help contain the spread of the virus.

Stay safe and please feel free to contact us via email for any questions.

PS - A formal announcement email have been sent to all regular class students. Please refer to the email for further details.

Currently, the April 11th, "Vis Dev for Narrative Art" workshop is still pending and we will update everyone if there are any changes. Thanks for your understanding.

Monday, February 3, 2020

"Intro to Character Design" with Erik Martin - Only 3 spots left~!!!

"Intro to Character Design" with Erik Martin - 4 spots left~!!!…/intro-to-character-des…

This course focuses on the creation of characters for animation TV & Feature production. Topics such as creating interesting character personalities, designing shapes for movement, and clarifying your design in 3D for production will be covered in the many in class demos and feedback sessions.

If you are interested in creating characters for animation, this is a class not to be missed

"Intro to Digital Painting" with Sherwin Abesamis~!!!

"Intro to Digital Painting" with Sherwin Abesamis - 6 spots left~!!!…/11-intro-to-digital-pa…

This is a great class for both intro and intermediate artists who want to improve on their digital painting skills & workflow for TV animation production.

Sherwin is a Visual Development Artist at Dreamworks TV Animation. He specializes in background design/painting and creating color keys for animated production. His past clients includes Titmouse Animation, Hasbrom, and Dreamworks TV.

For more samples of his work, please visit his website at:

Sign up soon and come level up your painting skills with us~!!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

"Character & Story Development' with Marshall Vandruff - 2 Spots Left~!!!

"Character & Story Development" with Marshall Vandruff - 2 spots left~!!! (updated 2/1)

In this workshop, Marshall will be breaking down the important story structure, pacing and character arcs in creating a engaging story.

The lessons will be complimented with lots of great examples from film makers and storytelling masters from the past.

This is a great class for anyone who wishes to write their own story or to gain a better understanding of character development and story structure to help them improve in their storyboard works.

Spaces are almost sold out. Sign up soon and come join us for a fun semester of learning at CDA
Concept Design Academy

"Blender for Concept Design" with Nicholas Schumaker - Last Spot Left~!!!

Hi Everyone,

Only 2 spots left~!!! "Blender for Concept Design" with Nicholas Schumaker

This is a great class for any environment concept artist who wish to start integrating Blender into their concept painting workflow.

Class starts on Monday, Feb. 3rd, 7:30PM~10:30PM.
(Qualifies for CSATTF grant under class #D-002A)

Sign up soon and see you next week~!!

Concept Design Academy

CDA Spring 2020 Enrollment Status Update (1/31)