Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Color Key Design for Production" with Mike Hernandez - Last Call for Enrollment~!!

Last chance to sign up, class starts on Tuesday, Oct. 8th~!!

This is a great class to learn how to design cinematic lighting and color script for animation film productions.

There are still a few spots remaining. To sign up and submit your portfolio soon~!!

Portfolio submission guideline:

*** As an extra note, Mike might not be able to teach this class regularly due to his busy work schedule. So, catch him while you can since this is a class topic rarely taught and organized into a full course. ***

Here are more samples of Mike's artworks. Enjoy~!!


Shrek 4:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Vis Dev for Animation" with Mike & Victoria - Last call for enrollment~!!

Last call for portfolio submission for "Vis Dev for Animation" class~!!

This is a great class for both intermediate and advance artists with a strong drawing and painting foundation to learn more about how to prepare their portfolio for Feature Visual Development.

Class starts on Oct. 9th, so please submit your portfolio ASAP before this weekend.

For portfolio submission guidelines, visit our website at:

Thanks for your time :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Gouache Landscape Painting" with Mike Hernandez this weekend~!!

Hi Everyone,

Mike Hernandez's "Gouache Landscape Painting" workshop is starting this weekend (Sept. 27. 28, & 29).
This is a great workshop for anyone interested in improving their color, composition and lighting sense for their illustration or environment design works.

There are only a few spots remaining, so sign up soon and hope to see you there~!!

Kevin Chen

PS - Here are some step by step samples of Mike's painting process. Check it out :)

Here are some of Mike's other recent landscape studies:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Intro to Vehicle Design" with John Frye - Last Call for Enrollment~!!

Last call for enrollment for "Intro to Vehicle Design" with John Frye~!!

To sign up, visit our website at:

This is a great class for anyone interested to learn how to draw and design vehicles. John is currently the Digital Design Modeler/Studio Illustrator at Honda R&D and have much experience in both toys and game vehicle concept design.

Great for students who have taken Vis Com 1 and wanted to continue their learning.

Class starts on Friday, Oct. 4th. Sign up soon~!!

Here are 3 videos showing John's working process:


"Modo for Concept Design" with Vaughan Ling - Last call of enrollment~!!

 Hi Everyone,

We are announcing a last call of enrollment for "Modo for Concept Design" with Vaughan Ling.

Modo is a great tool for both film and game concept artist to continue their design in 3D and be able to easily assign materials and create realistic renders.

Bellow are some images showing Vaughan working process in designing a vehicle. In this personal project, he is using Modo to bring his new Bugatti concept into a realistic render that can be seen in all angles.

Enjoy the images and thanks for your time :)

Bugatti Rough Concept Sketches:

Rough Modo Model:

Refine Model & Render: