Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Intro to Figure Painting" with Gary Cornell - Starting this Wednesday~!!

"Intro to Figure Painting" with Gary Cornell
is starting up this Wednesday, June 10th at CDA~!!


This is a great class for anyone interested in making the transition from B&W drawing into color painting. Subjects such as value organization, learning color relationships through a limited palette and shape/composition design of the figure will be covered in the weekly in class demonstrations.

Space is limited, sign up soon~ :)

"Intro to Vehicle Design" with John Frye - Class starts this Wed.~!!

Hi Everyone,

Here are some new vehicle designs from John Frye, the instructor for the "Intro to Vehicle Design" class at CDA:


Class starts on Wed, June 10th. Sign up soon~!!

Concept Design Academy

Friday, June 5, 2015

Last Call for Summer Class Enrollment~!!

Hi Everyone,

Want to spend the Summer to improving your art & design? If so, we got some great classes for you~!!

At the moment, we got some last minute cancellations releasing some new spots on our previously full classes.

If you would be interested, make sure to check them out and join us for a summer of invigorating learning~!!

To enroll, please visit our online enrollment store at:

Spaces are limited, sign up soon and thanks for your time~

Concept Design Academy

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"Environment Design" with Bruno Werneck - last spot remaining~!!

Hi Everyone,

An last minute cancellation opening have just became available for Bruno Werneck's "Environment Design" class at CDA.
If you haven't seen Bruno's amazing environment designs and matte painting works, make sure to check it out on his website at:
If you would be interested, sign up soon as space is very limited.

Thanks for your time~!!

PS - Bellow are some samples of Bruno's work from "Titanfall", "Tron Legacy", "Star Wars Thirteen Thirteen" & other projects. Enjoy~!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

"3 Day Composition Workshop" with Marshall Vandruff starts this weekend (June 5, 6, & 7)~!!

Hi Everyone,

This weekend (June 5, 6, & 7), Marshall Vandruff will be back to CDA to teach a special workshop on Artistic Composition & Design.

In this 3-session seminar, Marshall Vandruff will go over how great artists design their work to evoke emotions from their viewers. He will explain the basic principles of composition and show how old masters have used them to create art throughout the ages. Be prepared for a weekend of creative, invigorating learning from one of the best teacher on this complex and important subject~!!

Marshall is very well respected for his teachings in composition. Here are some artists' thoughts after attending Marshal's composition workshop in the past:

"Marshall's Composition Class. One of the most important classes I've ever taken. Marshall stimulated and inspired me more than anybody I've ever learned from."Justin Sweet

"After four years at a prestigious art college, Marshall introduced me to important concepts that I think about every time I sit down to do a painting."Chris Appelhans

"If you care to be wiser, more knowledgeable, and a more competent artist, go see Marshall Vandruff". Drew Struzan

To sign up, please visit our online store at:

*** Marshall only teaches this workshop once every couple of years, so make sure to sign up and don't miss out~!! ***

Kevin Chen
Concept Design Academy