Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Architecture for World Building" with Gabriel Yeganyan~!!

*** NEW CLASS UPDATE - "Architecture for World Building" with Gabriel Yeganyan~!! ***

Hi Everyone,

Want to learn how to create rich, believable environments that tells a story about the culture and the people who created them?

In this intermediate design course, Gabriel will go over the fundamental components of various architectural types in history and learn how to apply these ideas to evoke depth of history/storytelling in your design images. 

During the class, Gabriel will survey the common building types from different cultures and at different historical periods (Ancient, Medieval, Recent). Through the studies and concept sketches the class will break down a new type of architecture each week and explore how to use these studies to create new concept designs. 

This is an important course for anyone who wants to learn more about designing architectures and give their design work an extra level of layering and history.

Sign up soon and join us next Monday, June 5th for the first day of class :)

Kevin Chen 

Concept Design Academy

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